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Upholstery Fabric and Wholesale Thai Silk Fabric by Charoon Thai Silk
Charoon Thai Silk Ltd, Part. Is a leading Thai Silk manufacturer and exporter. Since our founding in
1970, we have provided oru customers with finest quality silk. We have been made wide ranges of
orders such as upholstery fabric, silk curtains, silk bedding, silk drapes and covers goods, etc.

Our silk fabrics are suitable for drapery, upholstery fabric, wall covering, garments and accessories.

Our fabrics are woven in various qualities suitable for garments and home furnishing. We cover
finest silk yarn to heavy textured silk yarn, for example for Silk organza to much heavier textured
silks, like Silk Chenille and Silk Boucle.

Lap-dip can be provided for custom designs and colors. The minimum order can be as small as
100 yds.

In 2002, we extender our service further to cut & sewn. Customers can use our facility as a one
stop service to transform silk fabrics into silk products.

Upholstery Fabric is one of the popular products that we always offer the good quality material
and unique design for every client. If you are searching for the professional upholstery fabric
and wholesale Thai silk, we are welcome to serve you and do the best for each order that you

We are proud to say, we have become on of the biggest manufacturers and exporters of Thai Silk,
and Thai Silk Product enable us to offer better service to those wholesales, contractors, from many
part of the world including USA, Northern America, Europe, Australia & Asia.

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