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Contract Sales
Charoon Thai Silk Contract offers curated design and luxury silk fabric for the global hospitality,
commercial and residents. As a high quality silk weaver, our dedicated team of professionals provides
tailored solutions based on the unique challenges and requirements of the projects. Our product
ranging from silk fabrics and silk finished products, like silk curtains, beddings and home accessories.
Whether a project entails commercial spaces, retail environment, or residences, Charoon Thai Silk
Contract is dedicated to offering unparalleled customer service and fascinating fabric designs solutions.
Our goal

To be the first and only call you need to make when sourcing silk fabrics contract environments. We will partner
with you to find the best solution for your projects, often tailoring products and delivery options to meet
your requirements.

Applying for membership is easy, just register at our register page. Once you have registered with valid documentation,
you will receive a phone call or email contact, indicating your application is approved. At least one of the following is required;

- Current business or State Profession License in a Residential or Commercial Design-based business or
   hospitality industry

- Business ID or Tax number
To learn more about our Contract sales offer, discuss your project needs or request a quote, please contact us at cs@charoonthaisilk.com